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12 Week Women's Collaborative Theatre Program

12 Week Women's Collaborative Theatre Program:

Do you long to be more courageous with your life?  Is fear holding you back from living a life that would feel more in line with who you truly are?  Do you long to be free from the expectations and judgements of others?  Do you feel like you’re living someone else’s version of your life based on their perception of how you SHOULD be both personally and professionally?  


What would you do with your life if you had more confidence, more bravery, more gumption to take risks? How would your life look and what would you be engaging in that you don’t allow yourself to now?  What would your relationships look and feel like both personally and professionally?  


Within each of us lives an expanded, whole, and confident woman. Unfortunately our families and society can lead us to believe just the opposite. Our beliefs about ourselves can often become very narrow,  limiting, and harmful. 


Embark on an adventure in self expansion through the intensive 12 week collaborative theatre program for women, where you will receive the experiential learning necessary to embody the values of bravery, community, creativity, and play.  The mission of this program is to assist women in ascending beyond feelings of irrelevance, invisibility, and disempowerment through the use of drama therapy, dance/movement therapy, and autobiographical performance.  Through these modalities, participants expand their version of who they are and broaden their scope of what is possible for them within their lives.  


During this twelve week program participants work closely with one another to create an original theatre performance collaboratively. Participants will be lead in both group and individual sessions of self-inquiry to identify something they’d like to present on, and will write, create and perform their piece to be witnessed by an invited audience.   These performances are meant to assist participants in being held in a non judgemental space through their healing process. Performances are also meant to inspire other women to keep moving forward towards their dreams, though fear may be present. 


No previous performance experience is necessary to participate in this program.  Participants who have an open heart and are able to engage in play and connect to self and others in a meaningful way are welcome to apply.  


If interested in applying to this program please complete and submit the inquiry form here.  Once completed you will be contacted to schedule a 30 minute zoom call to meet with program director Lucia Severtson.  This call is an informal meet and greet where you can make further inquiries about the program and gain further clarity about whether or not it is a good match for you at this time.  


This program is curated, led, and directed by the founder of The Brave Women’s Transformation Project,  Lucia Severtson, who is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and Vermont, as well as a trained creative arts therapist.  


For more information about the modality of drama therapy please visit:

What you will gain from committing to this intensive program:

  1. Resiliency to go after your hearts desires both personally and professionally.

  2. Clarity surrounding your expansive identity.

  3. A supportive and empowering community of women

  4. Increased confidence and self esteem/self efficacy (believing in your capability).

  5. Increased creative self expression

  6. Improved interpersonal and professional relationships and communication skills.

  7. Learn to live a values based life vs. aligning with fear and anxiety

  8. Increased self acceptance and appreciation for who you are.

  9. A safe environment where you have permission to take off the social mask and be yourself.


"All of our rehearsals were fun.  We just got together and played.  I mean, that's just not normal these days, unfortunately, and I think that it should be.  It’s ridiculous that we aren’t playing more.”  

Lora F

“I had so much growth through the part that was more terrifying to me, which was doing the monologue and the performance. “I would tell any woman contemplating doing this program, it was a really great experience and that it was like: prepare to blow your own mind”.

Callie B

“I'm definitely more confident in expressing myself and I have more acceptance and comfort with the discomfort of fear and vulnerability. So more understanding that discomfort will be there, and that it's okay to allow it to be there. I’ve learned to lean into those edges.  I'm realizing how important creativity and art are to me, and how I'm going to make that more of a value.”


"The biggest positive outcome for me, has been the community that we've created. Knowing that I have these women that I can reach out to you and who have reached out to me and have been so supportive with me being just myself, I have women that I don't have to perform around.  I can be me."

(Lauren G)

“I feel like this is a great starting point to finding your authentic self.  And a great way to explore because you are using your voice a lot and your body at the same time.  And we explored not just one set way of using the voice and body.  We explored a bunch of different ways.  It may seem scary, but it's like opening all these doors to what is possible for you and what makes you feel joyful, or alive, or even being more aware of what makes you afraid.”

(Michelle C).

 "I looked forward to every rehearsal.  I loved collaborating.   Everybody putting their ideas together and getting excited about it.  Someone would say something and the and the group would go “Oh, my God, that's, that's such a good idea, let’s try it!”  

(Sammie T)

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