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“Believe, when you speak from your heart and say the words your soul has only dared to whisper, that’s when miracles happen." - Unknown author 

Brave Women Improvise is an informal, come as you are, workshop that guides participants to practice the embodiment of bravery, community, creativity, and play. 


During the first hour you will be lead through dance/movement therapy and drama therapy activities that promote your sense of connection to yourself and community.  In the second hour participants will engage in creative writing prompts that promote freedom of self expression and voice. Each participant is given an opportunity to deliver a monologue that encourages getting your BRAVE on!


This is a healing workshop for women that will have you laughing out loud, dancing freely, and speaking with more authenticity and confidence.  


You can expect a nurturing, welcoming, and safe space where you can explore taking off your social mask and allowing the real you to emerge.




Imagine being part of a group of women that is not focused on perfectionism.

Imagine being warmly welcomed and having an immediate sense of belonging

Imagine not having to pretend to be someone you are not

Imagine breaking down the self protective barriers that keep you from making real connection and creating community.

Imagine being celebrated and appreciated for being you.

Imagine bravely speaking your mind and allowing your voice to fill the room.

Imagine other women supporting and empowering you to bravely take the stage with your voice, body, and soul.

Imagine leaving behind your worries and giving yourself PERMISSION to have FUN!


 This is what you can expect to experience when you participate in a Brave Women Improvise workshop.  

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