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Three Women

Community Workshops

Hire Lucia to design a women’s community building workshop for your workplace or women’s group.  Women are very powerful as packs and have the ability to influence and create change in prolific ways.  Unfortunately, in many workplaces and community groups women default to toxic behaviors amongst one another that keep us all divided and further away from unity and much needed social change. (gossip, exclusion, manipulation, psychological bullying, just to name a few).  This toxicity amongst women keeps us all trapped from creating a society that desperately needs more of our strengths and gifts.  


These workshops are designed to be playful and rooted in the action step of breaking destructive behavioral patterns amongst women and to learn to individually embody the word community.  There is vast potential for our society when women who embody community come to the table.  Take a moment right now to dream about what could happen in your particular organization or women’s group if this were to happen.  What could you create together?  To quote Rachel Platten from Fight Song “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.”  What explosion of beautiful creation and change will your group create?  


Methods utilized include dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, theatre games, creative writing prompts, and traditional psychotherapeutic group dynamic approaches.  The duration and frequency of workshops can be customized to fit the needs of your individual work organization or community group.  


Schedule a free 30 minute discovery zoom call with Lucia to learn more about creating cohesion and collaboration amongst your members.  

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