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Individual Therapeutic Coaching

What Is Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching is a hybrid of therapy and coaching. It is solution-focused, helping you to find answers that are right for you, while providing the benefits of traditional therapy.


Through one on one coaching sessions, it provides a safe, non-judgemental space in which to gain greater awareness about the issues you are experiencing and identify the root causes. It offers you clarity about where you are now, where you would like to be and what is getting in the way. While providing you with effective tools to work gently through those obstacles (which are often unconscious), so you can move towards the change you want to experience.


If you are finding yourself trapped, lost, and unable to move past your inner critic and self sabotage, individual therapeutic coaching can help you to break through.  I can help you to identify what makes you radiate and to move through your fears so that you can cross the bridge into your potential.  Through our sessions we will create a customized action plan that aligns with your goals and dreams for your personal and professional life.  


Together we can explore what gets you beaming?  What makes your heart radiate out into the space around you, and to the people around you?  It’s when you are doing something that you love that you are at your highest potential.  It’s when your heart is filled with joy that you can experience powerful self transformation.  


Whatever lights you up? I don’t care what it is, no one gets to say it doesn’t matter or it’s too minuscule.  The fact that it makes you radiate, means that it has significance and potential.


Get started on your journey of triumph over fear. You deserve a life that you love! Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with Lucia today!

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