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Individual Offerings

Trying to decide between therapy and coaching? 

You Can Have Both With Individual Therapeutic Coaching


A therapeutic coach is half therapist half coach. A coach is focused on specific actionable goals while a therapist examines what past experiences and current blocks are preventing you from living an optimal life. 


What if you could reap the benefit of both approaches in one professional? 


Lucia Divieste Severtson is a licensed trained psychotherapist and an empowerment coach who provides one on one coaching sessions in a safe, non-judgmental space where you gain greater awareness. 




About where you are now….


And where you would like to be…


And what (or who) is getting in your way. 


Our work prepares you to chip away at obstacles - even the unconscious ones, so you’re ready to live a changed life!


If you find yourself trapped, lost, and unable to move past your inner critic and self sabotage, individual therapeutic coaching can help you. 


Through our sessions we create a customized action plan that….


Aligns with your goals and dreams for your personal and professional life.  


And makes you radiate with your chosen people and the rest of the world - even if you’re currently feeling more radioactive than radiant. 


Your joy is personal and no one gets to say it doesn’t matter or it’s too minuscule - it has significance and potential.


Get started on your journey of triumph over fear. You deserve a life that you love! 

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Individual Self-Revelatory Theater 

Together we will craft a unique and original piece of theatrical art based on your life experiences and your courageous spirit.


Self-Revelatory performance is a profound form of expression where you perform a piece rooted in your life issues you’re currently working through. It's a therapeutic and artistic endeavor letting you explore, confront, and ultimately transform your life’s narrative.


Brave Women’s Transformation Project creates a safe and supportive space to delve into your personal stories, struggles, and triumphs. Together, we will shape these narratives into a powerful and meaningful theatrical performance that embodies your bravery and resilience.


This individual service is where you can not only heal but also share your story with an audience of your invitation. If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, let's chat. Your story deserves to be told, and your bravery deserves to shine.


Our individual services are designed to accommodate your preferences via online or in-person options. Each package consists of five two-hour sessions. You choose the date for your showcase performance. 

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