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Brave Women Entrepreneurs

An empowering 8 week group program designed to assist women entrepreneurs in breaking through fear of public speaking.  This program is open to entrepreneurs who are at any stage in their journey.  Whether you have inklings of an idea that you would like to mold into a business, or you are already up and running your show.


Participants will learn skills needed to create, write, and perform a compelling monologue that aligns with the mission of their business. This speech can be utilized to acquire new clientele/customers and promote their business and expertise at future conferences and speaking opportunities.  


A public performance for invited guests will be hosted by The Brave Women’s Transformation Project on the last day of the program.  



What Can I Expect:


-This program will meet one time weekly for two hour sessions.  

-Each participant will receive bi weekly one on one therapeutic coaching sessions. (Coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length).  

-Homework will be given to assist in maximizing your benefits from the program.  



Weeks 1 through 3 - THE INNER CRITIC:

The inner critic can often be the culprit keeping us from taking the stage, using our voice, and getting our message out to the public.  We will focus upon developing a relationship with your inner critic and understanding how this part of you formed due to messaging and conditioning from society and your family of origin.  Through externalization of the inner critic you will be better able to recognize it’s voice and be less likely to fall into it’s trap of fear.  


Week 4 and 5: 


Through drama therapy and theatre performance techniques, you will create your empowered CEO persona and learn how to embody this character.  


-Week 6 and 7 


- You will be directed in crafting, writing, and performing your monologue.


Week 8 


A rehearsal of monologues and a performance for a live supportive audience.  

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