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Are you ready to finally speak your mind?

 You’ve been told by every coach, podcaster, and expert on the internet that you:


  • need to be more confident

  • need to be more authentic

  • need to be more empowered

  • need to be more powerful


It’s not that simple.


Does fear prevent you from being vulnerable and taking risks?

 When you finally get the courage to initiate change, thoughts of terrible, worst-case scenarios pop up in your mind. You could fail. People will judge you. The fear brain has taken over.


You retreat. You develop plausible excuses and then you put off getting started for another month, another year, another five years.


How can you break through fear and move forward? 

First, understand that all of us are playing a role.


We perform based on how we think our friends, family, acquaintances, and business colleagues want us to be. Women, in particular, are conditioned to be people-pleasing, self-sacrificing, caretaking, and even self-abandoning. We’re also taught to compete against each other for resources, attention, and status.


As a result, all of us have internalized narratives and limiting beliefs that make up what we believe about ourselves.


The problem is, that once you’ve internalized these false narratives, it becomes harder to find the truth.


Want the truth?

 It’s time to play the role of you, express your own story–not the story you’ve been told about who you are. 


  • What makes YOU more confident?

  • What makes YOU more authentic?

  • What makes YOU more empowered?

  • What makes YOU more powerful?


The Brave Women’s Transformation Project can help you find the guiding voice that’s talking to you all day long, and make her voice even louder.


Are you ready to discover the truest version of yourself, and fully express what’s inside?

Imagine how life could be different if you could be in a community of women that empower you–rather than suppress and compete with you.


Our programs let you dive deeper into your story and activate your voice in a supportive environment with other women. We provide a creative space for you to step outside your comfort zone and feel comfortable being vulnerable for the first time in a long time.


How do the programs work?

We pair dance movement therapy and drama therapy together, leveraging the power of play in a competition-free environment. The group reteaches how women can discover their voice and express themselves with confidence and power.


A licensed professional counselor facilitates all of our programs.


Our programs can teach you how to:


  • Stop putting everyone’s needs before your own.

  • Articulate what you need.

  • Quit looking at social media influencers, believing they live better lives.

  • Confidently make decisions about your career.

  • Go to bed without anxiety over what’s coming next.

  • Know exactly what you want with your life.

  • Wake up excited about what you’ve got planned.

Find the RIGHT FIT:

Brave Women’s Transformation Project

 Join a group of women in a performance of autobiographical moments from your lives. Through actor training techniques, integrated with dance movement and drama therapy, you’ll bravely lift your voice and prepare to perform for a live audience.


Time commitment: 16 weeks

Start date: September

Brave Hearts Speak

 Practice the art of speaking from your heart in a fun environment. Experience improvisation, movement, and actor training techniques that help you expand your presence and voice.

 Time commitment: two hours

Start date: ongoing

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