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Calling All Unicorns

As I waited in line at Starbucks yesterday morning, my tear-stained face became the canvas for a peculiar encounter that left me pondering the concept of unicorns. The usual routine of ordering my grande dark roast with cream was disrupted by a clear and kind voice taking my order. It was a voice unlike any I had encountered at the drive-through before—genuine, warm, and inviting.

"What's your name?" she asked with clarity, and I hesitated for a moment. "Lucia," I replied, trying to compose myself. "You and I are unicorns, you know that?" “That is exactly my drink every morning. I don’t know anyone else who orders that.”

At that moment, I felt old. What on earth did that mean? What did it mean to be a unicorn? . Google swiftly provided an answer: "a person or thing that is rare and highly valued." Those words struck a chord, and fresh tears welled up in my eyes. While the Starbucks employee's intention was likely to brighten my morning, I chose to embrace the magic of the moment and not soil it with logical explanation.

That encounter led me to contemplate who the unicorns are in my life and work—those rare and highly valued individuals with qualities that resonate deeply with me. It prompted me to create a mental list of the women I adore working with, envisioning their unique essences and qualities.

So, who is a unicorn to me? Who are the women I want to collaborate with, learn from, and support in their journeys?

**You are a unicorn if:**

**1. You radiate optimism:** You have a remarkable ability to see the best in people and situations, even in challenging times.

**2. You embrace humor:** You appreciate comedy and playfulness, adding joy and laughter to every interaction.

**3. You're overly responsible:** You may take on more than your fair share of responsibility, often blaming yourself for things beyond your control.

**4. You're a people pleaser:** You excel at understanding and meeting the needs of others, sometimes to your detriment.

**5. You're a creative genius:** Your creative talents shine, even if you don't always recognize them as such.

**6. You value relationships:** You cherish and maintain connections, sometimes at the expense of your own needs.

**7. You fear being a bad person:** Your desire to be kind and good-hearted occasionally leaves you feeling inadequate.

**8. You're fun and light:** You bring an uplifting presence, even during challenging moments.

**9. You're authentic:** You speak from the heart, often without realizing the depth of your emotional intelligence.

**10. You're a person of your word:** Your integrity is unwavering, even when others may not reciprocate.

**11. You may struggle with boundaries:** You occasionally allow others to cross your boundaries, leading to feelings of inadequacy.

If you identify with these qualities, I believe I have the tools and support you need. I’m ready to work with those whose light sparks my own. It is magic when this happens. We co-create a beautiful story that ends with you being Bravely Ever After.

Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, unlocking your inner magic and allowing your uniqueness to shine brightly. Let’s embrace the enchantment of our connection and author a story of bravery, self-discovery, and empowerment that leads to your ‘Bravely Ever After.’”

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, and let's embrace our unicorn status together.

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