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You’re Just Another Woman Who…

I’ve decided I can’t stand you

You’re just another woman who suffocates other women

Steel eyes communicating “I’m so much better than you.”

You couldn’t bother yourself to say hello, or to look up from your “important” work. Barely meeting my eyes.

It’s all a habitual façade. It’s become an automatic dance for you. To break other women down. Somewhere in your life, you decided to be the hunter rather than the prey. Somewhere in your life you had a choice which role you would take on. “I’ve decided that I’m going to make sure every bitch out there knows I am a badass and they’ll all want to be just like me.”

Oh sweet girl, still living in your fantasies.

You’re just a minuscule little crumb. You don’t offer nourishment. You offer crumbs to everyone, and reduce women to being swarmy little jerks lurking on other women’s self esteem.

You’re the reason we are so oppressed. Idiots and trolls who can’t own their own insecurities.

Will we forever be pressed down by silly little girls like you?

There’s another choice, there’s another role you could take on. Are you brave enough to give up your delusions of power?

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