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Public Speaking for Women

Individual and Group Services:


Just reading the words “public speaking” may invoke a sense of fear and anxiety throughout your body.  Public speaking is one of the most avoided activities on the planet.  It is vulnerable, and an invitation for criticism and judgement from your audience.  


Why Is It Important to Work Through This Fear?

Women have been conditioned to silence their voices or to speak softly, and to be small and invisible.  We have been led to believe that we are not as qualified to speak or that we don’t deserve to do so.


Your voice is needed! We are all change agents for others. Too many women let fear take them out of the public sphere and when this happens we all lose.  

It is my belief that everyone has within them a unique message and wisdom that needs to be shared with a specific audience.  When we give ourselves permission to speak, regardless of the judgements from others, we are breaking down our own blocks to freedom and confidence and sharing insight that may be life changing for our audiences.  


Through one on one coaching and group work, we will collaborate to assist you in clarifying what unique wisdom and learning you can share with an audience that will provide inspiration for change.   You will be supported in working through psychological barriers that often prevent you from taking the stage. You will then be guided and supported in creating, writing and performing your message for an audience of your choice.  


Through this service you will gain a tremendous amount of confidence and will experience a shift in your self narrative that is positive and empowering.  


Reserve a 30 minute consultation at the following link to get started and to give yourself permission to speak!

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