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Reiki Healing for Emotional Blocks

When we look back over our life experiences, most of us can list several traumatic or disturbing events. The goal, in healing the wounded inner child and with Reiki, is to get to the root cause of our wounding. This most often occurs between the ages of three and seven. During these ages, we were too young to understand or fully process the events that occurred around us or to us. As a result, rather than being fully felt, understood, and processed, the emotions lay unresolved in our energetic body.


Our energetic system is always trying to achieve homeostasis (its natural healthy state). Since these unhealed feelings and thoughts are not in alignment with who were are as divine beings, our energy system is out of balance. In an effort to heal, we energetically continue to attract similar-feeling experiences. Our energetic system is not trying to punish us. Rather, the hope is that the new similar-feeling-experience will cause us to become aware of our unhealed emotions and false beliefs and to heal and release them. Once released, life force energy begins to flow unimpeded and natural healing begins to occur.


Instead, what often happens is that we ignore, stuff down, or distract ourselves from our feelings and limiting beliefs. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes even terrifying to face or feel our feelings and crappy beliefs. But emotions are energy, think “e-motion” or energy in motion. When we don’t allow the emotions to rise up and move through our bodies, we are using our free will to hang on to the emotion. Overtime, this creates an emotional pile-up or mental and emotional dis-ease, or physical disease


Through Reiki healing we can gently work through your emotional blocks and release the held beliefs that are no longer serving you.  


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