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Meet The Founder


Hi Ladies!

I’m Lucia, Psychotherapist, dance movement therapist, and trained performing artist.  I am the daughter of italian immigrants and grew up in northeast ohio where I played the role of kind, patient, calm, quiet, people pleasing, rule following, sweet, always ready to comply, good girl.  


At the age of 19 I defied all of my families expectations of me and decided to pursue a career in acting.  You can imagine the scene that ensued when I announced my plans at the Christmas dinner table all those many years ago.  Lots of crying, screaming, and good old heaps of guilt were thrown my way (“How can you do this to us?” “Are you going to be an underwear model?”) It’s funny now, but I assure you it was not at the time.  


Through my study of acting I learned the powerful tools that actors are given to be able to connect with themselves and the world.  It was a doorway into my who I am.  It turns out I am far more than the narrow range of roles I’ve been given to play by family and society.

After earning my graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA,  I once again fell into society and family expectations of who I SHOULD be.  T

rying to gain a clientele of individuals who wanted to practice dance and drama therapy was challenging so I gave up and I abandoned myself.  For several years, I was a straight laced, traditional talk therapist.  


Fast forward to 2019 when I suffered a debilitating episode of anxiety that left me nearly unable to function from day to day.  Through my recovery process I learned the true meaning of everyday bravery and I began to reclaim who I am, not who I SHOULD be.  


The Brave Women’s Transformation Project LLC is a reflection of my own journey to recovery and of my most authentic self.  This project is designed to give women the practical knowledge necessary to bust through fear, explore and discover who they are, and to live action oriented lives that align with that truth.  I hope to be a bright light that can guide you home to yourself.  

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