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About The Brave Women's Transformation Project


Our Mission

The Brave Women’s Transformation Project aims to give women the awareness and tools necessary to break free of societal and family constructs that collectively prevent women from equality within our nation.  


Through the use of dance movement therapy, drama therapy, and the study of actor training techniques women can broaden their identities and explore how they would like to individually contribute to social change.  


Women with and without prior performance experience are warmly welcomed and encouraged to learn these life altering skills in a non judgmental environment.  

The Brave Women’s Transformation Project offers curriculum and programming based in the embodiment of the values of bravery, community, play, and creativity.  When we embody an idea, we are taking on a physical form that represents that concept.  Our minds and bodies are connected. We are in ACTION, we are DOING the behaviors which align with that concept.  The more we DO these behaviors, the more our minds can begin to open to a more expansive awareness of self.  


When we embody bravery we feel the fear, we hear the negative thoughts shouting at us to turn back (“you’re going to fail, you’re going to embarrass yourself, people will think you’re crazy”) and we make the choice to move forward even though fear is present.  This means learning to practice non avoidance and the willingness to be uncomfortable.  We can choose to live by societial and family constructs or we can take the risk of shedding the molds we have become encased in. 


There is a lot of rhetoric about sisterhood and coming together as women, however there is still a great deal of competitive and passive aggressive behavior amongst us.  This project aims to create cohesive communities of women who engage in co leadership and co creation.  Together we empower one another to move into greatness instead of holding one another back due to fear that our place at the table will be taken.  



At a certain age we are told to stop playing and become adults.  Play is an underrated and powerful value that has the power to unlock your genius and your humanity.  Through play we can more deeply connect with ourselves and others.  It is my belief that we are never more ourselves than when we are at play.  


Like play, creativity is a value that is underrated and often ignored as vital to our health.  We are born creative beings yet at some point in most of our lives we are told that we are not artists.  We are told that this label is reserved for the elite few and that we’re just not good enough.  I can’t be the only one who was criticized by an elementary art school teacher right?  It seems silly, but those criticisms hurt and many times we believe them.  This project guides participants to create through performance, creative writing, and visual art.  You have ideas that matter, that are needed, and innovation that only you can create.  

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