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Monologue Writing Workshops

A monologue is a one-person show which needs neither sets, costumes nor props to deliver its point. It’s a story told in first person and spoken to the audience, spoken to an unseen listener or delivered as a soliloquy. Though monologues can tap any genre or historical period, the best ones are those whose messages embody timeless themes.  


It is a spot light moment for any given character in a play.  Most often the character reveals something intimate about themselves, something having to do with their internal world.  It’s a tool that can be used to further connect the audience to the character and the entire plot to create empathy and understanding.  


This 6 week workshop will guide participants to explore the craft of writing autobiographical monologues, which are an exploration of topics or stories about yourself.  Creative prompts will be provided that will foster exploration of this intimate self expression.  Each session will be structured to include community building activities so that women can more easily let go of fear of judgement and create in an atmosphere of support and empowerment with one another.  Monologues will be performed for one another at the end of each session.  Participants have the choice whether or not to share their work with the group.  


This 6 week course is designed to encourage further self expansion so that you can walk with fear and continue along the path from mediocracy into marvelous.  

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