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Testimonials from Participants 

“All of our rehearsals were fun.  We just got together and played.  I mean, that's just not normal these days, unfortunately, and I think it should be.  It’s ridiculous that we aren’t playing more.”  

Lora F.

“I'm definitely more confident in expressing myself and I have more acceptance and comfort with the discomfort of fear and vulnerability. So more understanding that discomfort will be there, and that it's okay to allow it to be there. I’ve learned to lean into those edges.  I'm realizing how important creativity and art are to me, and how I'm going to make that more of a value.”


“I feel like this is a great starting point to finding your authentic self.  And a great way to explore because you are using your voice a lot and your body at the same time.  We explored not just one set way of using the voice and body but a bunch of different ways.  It may seem scary, but it's like opening all these doors to what is possible for you and what makes you feel joyful, or alive, or even being more aware of what makes you afraid.”

Michelle C.

 "I looked forward to every rehearsal.  I loved collaborating.   Everybody putting their ideas together and getting excited about it.  Someone would say something and the and the group would go “Oh, my God, that's, that's such a good idea, let’s try it!”  

Sammie T.

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