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Some Kind Words for Lucia

I’m so grateful I found Lucia — working in therapy with her has drastically improved my outlook on life. Her unique yet grounded approach to counseling was exactly what I needed. 

 Like many women, I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression, which only compounded my sense of a lack of identity as a new mother.  Not only has Lucia been able to help me pinpoint and resuscitate a lifelong identity for myself, but she continues to warmly and consistently encourage me to pursue giving that unique magic within me to the world, without guilt. On top of her profoundly helpful 1:1 sessions, Lucia also works to establish a wonderful collective of like-minded women within the community and plenty of opportunities to engage with them if you desire. 


If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with this wonderful human, I encourage you to jump at that chance!”

 -Lisa G 

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