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 Defy Fear and Anxiety!
Take the Stage!  Reclaim Your VOICE!


Learn how to transform a life based in fear and anxiety into a life that is aligned with Bravery.  At this time in our world, it is crucial that women learn how to make this shift and break free from the constraints that are keeping all of woman kind from equality, prosperity, and joy.  




Society and family create constructs and expectations of women that often do not serve our best interests.  People pleasing, abandoning ourselves, and competing with one another for a precious seat at the table are amongst just a few of the destructive patterns that keep women locked in mediocracy.  


You are far more than the mold that societal and family have encased you in. The voice of anxiety and fear will tell you that you must remain encased in order to belong, to be wanted, accepted, live happily ever after, ugh…. It’s all a lie.  Fear is a fantastic liar and will keep you stuck in its mental prison for as long as you will allow it to.  




The Brave Women’s Transformation Project utilizes traditional psychotherapy methods in combination with somatic based therapy and theatre arts as a vehicle to guide women towards facing their fears so that they can bravely pursue their unique gifts and talents.  This project also aspires to teach women how to create and be in communities of women who hold one another in the pursuit of their passions and empower one another to keep moving forward though fear may be present.  


As more and more women join this movement, together a legion of women can design a powerful reality that will sustain peace, love, and equality for all.  


DISCLAIMER: This project is not about training to be a professional stage performer.  It’s not about being good enough AT ALL.   Theatre performance activities are simply being used as a vehicle in which to approach fear. It is about committing to self-work that both excites you and terrifies you.  It is about gaining the courage to be who you really are. The teachings of this program will expose you to an opportunity to metaphorically bungee jump on a psychological level.  


Begin by taking one step forward towards facing the giants in your life.  I promise you, through the offerings of The Brave Women’s Transformation Project you will move beyond the anxiety that imprisons you into a life of bravery and fulfillment.  


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